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Dog Grooming


Polices are emailed out to all new clients along with a terms and condtions form which needs signing and returning prior to the 1st appointment.

* Cancelation, missed or late appointments policy.

If the owner needs to cancel an appointment there is a minimum of 24 hours notice that is required. A time slot is reserved for your dog so if I am notified at least 24 hours in advance that you need to cancel or change your appointment, then that allows me time to fill the appointment slot.Short notice cancelations under 24 hours will result in a £15 charge. This will need to be paid before another appointment can be offered.Missed appointments will result in the full cost of the groom, which will need to be paid before another appointment can be offered.If for any reason, I need to cancel or change your appointment I will provide as much notice as possible and will rebook you for the next available date.In the case of late arrivals over 15 minutes the appointment will have to be rescheduled and will result in a late arrival charge of £15. This will need to be paid before another appointment is offered. Owners will be given an estimated pick-up time when they drop their dog off. You will then receive a text or call to notify you when your dog will be ready to collect. If owners do not collect at the time stated, they will be charged £5 for every 15 minutes the dog has to be held for past their pick-up time. 

*De-matting policy.

In accordance with The Animal Welfare Act (2006) I will always put your dog’s welfare first. Therefore, De-matting will only be carried out if there are only a few small matts. De-matting can be uncomfortable and painful so if your dog is severely matted, I will advise clipping the dog short to remove the matts in a painless way. A shaving agreement will need to be signed. There will also be an additional charge of £15 to cover the cost of additional time spent and the wear and tear on my equipment. If during the groom, I find any heavy matting I will contact you first. However, if I amunable to contact you the dog will be clipped short as this will be in the best interest of the dog’s welfare. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions. Clipping a matted dog allows the skin to breathe and good circulation, promoting thegrowth of a healthy coat. It is important to brush your dog regularly to maintain the coat and avoid the need for clipping your dog short on further visits. As a result of clipping a matted dog short I cannot be held responsible for-• Red/ sore spots• Infections• Harboured Parasites• Cuts caused by clipping close to the skin• Skin Irritation• Dogs Excessively Licking or Scratching, causing irritation.

*Aggressive Dog Policy.

It is important to ensure the safety of the dogs and myself during grooming. If a dog is showing aggressive behaviours, I may have to use a muzzle. During grooming I may use safe restraints if the dog is moving excessively. Restraints that may be used are, neck nooses, belly straps, calming cradles orcones. Muzzles and restraints will be used for a limited time and only where needed, to ensure the dogs and my own safety. In circumstances where a dog is showing extreme aggression, stress or I get bitten, the groom will be stopped. This will only happen if I am unable to ensure the dog’s or my safety. The full cost of the groom will still be applied.Under The Dangerous Dogs Act (1991) owners have a responsibility to inform me if your dog displays any aggressive behaviours towards people or other dogs.Owners are liable for any injury caused to me or their dog because of aggressive behaviour

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